About Me

It all began with a sunset...

I had nothing but a bike, a point and shoot camera, and a mission to make it to the top of that long, steep, gravel road we called a driveway before all the golden rays had disappeared behind the tree-line. I had done it at least a hundred times, but every sunset was a little different than the one before and I just had to capture it! 

Fast forward to now. The equipment doesn't make the photographer, but having a canon lens with a zoom and picture quality that's worth a darn helps some. I took that passion for sunsets and redirected it to people. Like a sunset, every person is so vastly different and getting to capture the uniqueness of a person is what I strive to do. It's always a work in progress, but my job is more than just trying to capture a flat image on a wall. It's to create a lasting memory of a unique and beautiful life and even if just for an instant to capture that light that shines in all our eyes, to capture a piece of a soul on paper.  That's what I strive for. It's a hard mark to hit, but I'm up for the challenge if you are!

© 2016 KatyFaith Photography

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