Here We Go To Market

June 9, 2016




Having never been to the Pee Dee Farmers Market before,  I decided it was high time. I grabbed my camera bag, called up my sister, told my secretary to hold my calls (not) and we were off! 


I grew up in Amish farm country. Born and raised a barefoot, dishwater blonde, wild child. I spent most of my childhood around farms and farmers. Even spent a little time doing some gardening of my own.


Going to the farmers market brings back the memories of those little roadside stands where my Dad would buy fresh sweetcorn and Amish made blueberry and apple pie for a Sunday lunch or just because. The Pee Dee Farmers Market was like that, only bigger and better. There were numerous stands lining both sides under a giant metal structure wide enough for cars to drive down the center, and best of all, there was and ice cream shop! Technically I can't eat dairy, but I can still take pictures of someone else eating ice cream right? ......I know. I'm weird. 

They also had  a restaurant set up in an old fashioned red barn and a cute little store named Two Girls Treasures. Perfectly named since the store was stuffed full of all kinds of photograph-able goodies! The owner was very accommodating and told us she welcomed photographers and would let us move things around so we could stage a few photos if we wanted. Nuff said. I didn't need to be told twice. I have a feeling I will be coming back to this place in the near future. 




                                                             (below) P.C. Emily Christopher   

                                                                       P.C. Emily Christopher  





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