Photoshoot Tips

Posing Basics

We all struggle a little when it comes to striking the perfect pose. We want to zap away all those little imperfections that we are all to familiar with. This video will show you a few little tricks that will help you to pose yourself in a more flattering way and help you to work those angles and curves like only you can.

Makeup and Posing Tips

When it comes to photography makeup is your best friend. But with photography it can be a little tricky. The whole, "Less is more" saying doesn't really apply here. More is actually, well, more. This video gives you a few tips to help you get ready for your photo date, and a few posing tips as well.

Posing Do's and Dont's 

Posing is hard, let's face it. Your being asked to feel comfortable and act "natural" in front of someone you hardly know with an intimidating looking camera sticking out of there face. I get it. What your doing is far from natural for you. Here are a few tips to help prepare and make you a little more "comfortable" in front of the camera.This video, like the others, gives tips on posing do's, but it will also give you a few posing dont's as well. 

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